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Installer does not close - Caterpillar - 09-08-2010

I would report that the installer does not end the installation in both demo and normal game relase.
A better way to explain. The process bar goes at the end, so the installation is perfect, but the window remains opened. I have to kill the gtk process.

Fedora 13 64bit

RE: Installer does not close - flyhigh - 09-08-2010

I got the same problem, if i'm working with other programs while installing.
Maybe because the focus is not on the installer and sometimes the finish Dialog will not appear (on which you have to click ok to continue).

I think its a problem of KDE 4 and maybe with compositing.

So disable compositing and do nothing while installer is working ;-)

RE: Installer does not close - Caterpillar - 09-08-2010

I have KDE 4 too

RE: Installer does not close - Urkle - 09-09-2010

That's strange. My guess is KDE's compositing is interfering with the installer trying to popup a dialog letting you know it's done installing.

I'll note it in my list items to look at for the installer.

Another option would be to use the fltk or ncurses installer.

./ --frontend fltk

RE: Installer does not close - Lasse. - 09-09-2010

Installer worked here on Arch Linux with KDE 4.5.1 (latest stable). The popup didn't actually show on top of other windows though, I had to minimize rest of windows to finally find it. After pressing ok on the popup, I could quit the installer.

RE: Installer does not close - Urkle - 09-11-2010

Kinda what I figured. That does help narrow down exactly what the issue is though..

RE: Installer does not close - pseudoruprecht - 09-12-2010

Is this somehow related to ?