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Glitch in the game. - Informative - 09-11-2010

I am up to fixing the elevator in the machine room. I was backtracking and I came upon the Flow thing with 3 holes. I heard a whisper, a man. "Someone's coming!" So I ducked for cover behind a big metal machine thing. I sat there for 5 minutes and no one came so I jumped up to get out.

I didn't get out. I moved to a different spot behind the machine but I am still stuck. I sat there jumping for 10 minutes and couldn't get out. I leave and come back in and I am still there...! The machine is tiny, and it's in a corner. I cannot jump back out. Any suggestions to get out? I really do not want to restart the game.
Is there an ingame console that I could use so I could noclip out or something?

RE: Glitch in the game. - Urkle - 09-11-2010

Can you zip up and attach the latest save game file? They are located the ~/.frictionalgames/Amnesia/Main.

You can use e load game menu and load up previous save games.