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Open Source Drivers Support - hicham - 10-14-2010

Hi all,

In a desperate attempt to run Amnesia Dark Descent on my ATI Mobility Radeon X700 PCIE (RV410) on Linux with FOSS driver, I converted all dds files to tga using ImageMagick, then modified all references to them in .mat files to tga ones. Et voila, the game goes fine, no crashes, but the scenes are upside down !

I guess I have done something wrong, but I don't know what is it.

I would love to have some explanation from the developers.

Thanks for this great game by the way Big Grin

RE: Open Source Drivers Support - Urkle - 10-14-2010

That seems strange that the TGA would load and the DDS wouldn't? Unless it gets around the S3TC maybe? I'd have to look through the bitmap loader again.

RE: Open Source Drivers Support - Urkle - 10-14-2010

The Scenes are upside down or the textures?

If the scenes are upside down then it's definitely a driver issue, probably in handling some of the shaders.

RE: Open Source Drivers Support - hicham - 10-14-2010

Yes, the scenes are upside down. If I change FOV to -70 in config/game.cfg, then the scenes are almost ok ( with the candles and other shadows inverted), but then the movement is inverted, ie moving with left arrow key, causes to move right, and looking up with up arrow key causes the camera to go down.

What is really annoying is that elements are separated as I said, ie, candles are separated from their chandeliers, which is probably is a bug in the driver.

RE: Open Source Drivers Support - hicham - 10-28-2010

Installing s3tc solved the dds textures loading. however, textures are still upside down.
Can any dev provide some showcase code so that I can file a bug to mesa ?
And in case any dev wonders why some can't use "Official Drivers", it is simply because AMD dropped support for them long time ago.

RE: Open Source Drivers Support - Urkle - 11-01-2010

(Screenshots provided by hicham)

The info I got from the lead dev is it is most likely a texture coordinate issue in the Mesa drivers. Basically the game renders things offscreen to a backbuffer/intermediate texture using the FBO extensions in OpenGL. Then that single texture is rendered to the screen. then later draws all of the transparent items on-top (ie.. the candles and flame, etc..)

So what you are seeing is most likely caused by mesa GL somewhere reversing the texture coordinates accidentally. I would start there in your bug reports with Mesa

RE: Open Source Drivers Support - hicham - 11-09-2010

Ok, I will try with the Graphics Test binary, or even tell the mesa devs to try Amensia Demo

RE: Open Source Drivers Support - Urkle - 11-14-2010

There is someone more screwy going on here.

I just upgraded my box to f14 and installed the dxt library. On the radeon HD 3000 card in my system using open source drivers things didn't work very well at all. Many of the glsl shaders did not compile, and I didn't see any upside down scenes.

So I put in the new nvidia GTS 450 card I got. Using open source drivers still. Things rendered correctly, although really slowly as the is no hardware support for the noveau drivers for that card. ( all software Mesa ). So my thought is it is a radeon driver bug you are encountering here.

RE: Open Source Drivers Support - hicham - 12-02-2010

Hi all,

I have filed a bug against radeon driver :

Please post your output results in there.

Thanks in advance for supporting foss drivers.

RE: Open Source Drivers Support - hicham - 12-03-2010

Thanks to Marek Olsak ( a mesa developer ), the game run fine here for me using latest mesa git.