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Stuck in PS4 version of game. - rohitparker - 10-07-2018

Hello everybody! I play amnesia in ps4 and i recently got stucked between a tall candle and two collar(at dark descent). I was searching for tinderboxes, so i jumped on a spot, then i jumped on the candle, and then i fell of accidentally between the two collar and the candle. Now, i cant get of there and i can not finish the story. I try to jump to the candle but i can't. I try to go prone under the candle or the collars, but i couldn't leave. Is there anything i can do so that i get unstucked? If you want a photo, send me a mesagge. My name is fakePR3DATOR on ps4. If anybody wants to add me, send me a friend request telling me that he is from the blog. Thank you.

RE: Stuck in PS4 version of game. - Mudbill - 10-07-2018

Try to get to the main menu and look for a "Load game" option instead of "Continue". You should be able to start the second latest save game to go back to that point.