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I need help with someting - MemeCyclone27 - 01-23-2019

So uh, I'm working on a Custom Campaign/Mod for SOMA, and I want to add some original characters/enemies into the game. I created the models/textures for them in FUSE, and then converted the OBJ files to DAE files. The only problem is I have no idea how to get the models into the editors, and make them into ENT files.

Any help would be very much appreciated Heart

RE: I need help with someting - TiManGames - 01-23-2019

Please join the discord server, the forums are dead

RE: I need help with someting - Darkfire - 01-23-2019

I'm not an expert on HPL3 (I'm fluid in HPL2, which is simillar).
Firstly you should import the model in ModelViewer and see if it renders correctly. There's no point in making the entity if it doesn't.

Then, what you most likely need to do is open ModelEditor -> import mesh and then work on the entity in there.

Some basic information about it can be found here:

Making characters is a long process, so probably someone on the server can help you more than me. Here's an invite:
(Keep in mind that it's valid for only a one day)