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CTD on startup ATI/IntelHD - NobodyImportant - 03-09-2020

So all my drivers are as up to date as i can get them (still really old), i'm on a switchable graphics Win7 laptop.
I have tried launching with background apps disabled and as admin and in compatibility mode.

Apparently the game tries to use the AMD GPU of the switchable graphics instead of the intelHD one for some reason, but crashes as it fails to load the shaders.
When manually disabling the AMD GPU, the intel one produces the exact same results.

This laptop can run other games from later with ease and i've ran things on openGL on it before as well, so i don't know where the issue is.

And apparently i'm unable to add attachments so i can't even upload the hpl.log file. The gist of it is, it displays version 1.500 both times and fails at setting up GLSL shaders.

GLSL version 4.10
WARNING: 0:4: warning(#62) enable/warn/disable extension isn't found, extension 'GL_ARB_shading_language_420pack' is not supported
ERROR: 0:13: error(#279) Invalid layout qualifier 'binding'

GLSL version 1.20
ERROR: 0:1: '' : Version number not supported by OGL driver
WARNING: 0:2: extension 'GL_ARB_explicit_attrib_location' is not supported
WARNING: 0:3: extension 'GL_ARB_uniform_buffer_object' is not supported
WARNING: 0:4: extension 'GL_ARB_shading_language_420pack' is not supported

RE: CTD on startup ATI/IntelHD - Mudbill - 03-09-2020

Looks like it's trying to load an extension made for OpenGL 4.2, whereas your GPU drivers only support 4.1. However, SOMA only requires version 3.3 of OpenGL so I'm not sure why you're getting this error, although this might explain why your Intel card does not work for it. It could be an issue with your version of the driver. Maybe try another version, like a few updates ago.

RE: CTD on startup ATI/IntelHD - NobodyImportant - 03-09-2020

I can't actually change much about the driver. It's something that the laptop manufacturer had to customize so they only ever released one update back in 2011.
Soma should run on 3.3 as you said, and my GPU supports 4.1, so at this point i think it's the game messing up, not my hard/firmware.
Isn't there some way to force the game into a different compatibility mode?

RE: CTD on startup ATI/IntelHD - Mudbill - 03-09-2020

Not that I'm aware of, long as the program says that it wants OpenGL 4.2. Could the game be interfered by some manager or driver software? There is a rather large list of programs known to cause conflicts. You could try shutting down other things that don't need to run, or even try disabling the anti-virus briefly.