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My game don't start - Hornetmano - 05-09-2020

Hello friends. I have brought my Amnesia a long time ago. Well, today i like to play that game in my pc, but the steam version of game(for linux) don't start on steam launcher (with the trophys). I can only play the game inside the amnesia's folder, and only the original game, in game's oficial laucher (where i can play justine dlc) don't start game too.

RE: My game don't start - Mudbill - 05-11-2020

So... You have the Steam version of Amnesia and you want to run it on Linux, but it only works if you run the binary executable in the game folder? Do you mean the _NOSTEAM version specifically? What happens if you double click the normal one? And when you say it doesn't start, what happens? Nothing shows up? Does it give you an error?