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Abduction: Chapter 2 [RELEASE] (Chapter 1 download included) - Anxt - 04-27-2011

Hello again, everyone!

I am pleased to announce that Chapter 2 of my custom story Abduction is now available for play!


This file also includes Chapter 1. It made little sense to actually divide it up considering it is all one story.

It is very likely you will need to re-play through the first chapter in order for chapter 2 to work properly. You will need items obtained in chapter 1 to progress through chapter 2, and a few details have been altered to support chapter 2's gameplay.

I apologize if this is an inconvenience, and if enough people complain about it I may upload a second version, but I like it the way it is right now.

Chapter 2 is considerably shorter than Chapter 1, but I decided against adding extra content just for the sake of adding it.

I apologize for the massive size of the file. It isn't ACTUALLY that big, but the mine cache file takes up 220MB of space because of the way I constructed it. I thought it was cool at the time, so I apologize for that.

And for those wondering, there will be a third chapter, and the third will be the final.

I sincerely hope you all enjoy playing it! Please leave feedback in this thread, such as bug reports.


NOTE: I have included the use of the monster from Justine in my custom story. If you do not have the files necessary, please let me know and I will try to re-upload the necessary entities with my story.


The following link will download a modified version of Abduction which does not use elements from Justine as vital parts of the game. I apologize to all of those without Justine, but this is the best fix I can give.

EDIT 5/23:

Abduction is now on ModDB! The link is:

This is my first time uploading to ModDB, so if I did something wrong or could improve the page, please let me know Smile

Previews for Chapter 3 will be released in the next few days.

Link to Chapter 3 Progress thread:

RE: Abduction: Chapter 2 [RELEASE] - DominusVita - 04-27-2011


Way to go anxt. here goes nothing. Once the sky reaches nightfall, the journey will begin...

RE: Abduction: Chapter 2 [RELEASE] - Dark Knight - 04-27-2011

OMG, cant believe Anxt !

(90mb) map - impressive...

RE: Abduction: Chapter 2 [RELEASE] - Anxt - 04-27-2011

It's only that big because of one of the cache files. It isn't that long of a story, I promise. It was more as a storyline chapter than anything.

RE: Abduction: Chapter 2 [RELEASE] (Chapter 1 download included) - Karai16 - 04-27-2011

I'll play it ASAP... which probably won't be so soon because of the finals v.v but still, misa will play!

RE: Abduction: Chapter 2 [RELEASE] (Chapter 1 download included) - Dark Knight - 04-27-2011

ok then , first BUG

when i enters in Chapter 2, into Chemical Storage - game crashes with error

btw, i have Chemical storage key, agrhhh
use the key, all ok, by while entering to it - error -no way commander Huh

RE: Abduction: Chapter 2 [RELEASE] (Chapter 1 download included) - Anxt - 04-28-2011

It was an error in the code, I have found it and fixed it, I will re-upload the files in a few minutes. If you don't want to wait, go into the ChemicalStorage.hps, and go to line 29, and add a 0 in front of the .1

I forgot it doesn't like decimals without a 0 in front of it.
Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

RE: Abduction: Chapter 2 [RELEASE] (Chapter 1 download included) - Anxt - 04-28-2011

Update Complete. The same link should work for it. If it didn't work, please let me know.

RE: Abduction: Chapter 2 [RELEASE] (Chapter 1 download included) - Bioshroom - 04-28-2011

Possible issue? Or possible confusion.

Spoiler below!
I went into the Mine and obtained the cinnabar however there's no item within my inventory to use at the lab, unless it automatically places itself at a specific location? As it is, the lack of it in my inventory has me uncertain how to use it and extract from it.

RE: Abduction: Chapter 2 [RELEASE] (Chapter 1 download included) - Anxt - 04-28-2011

I am very sorry about that, it is entirely my fault. I had the entity file in the beta test, and I forgot that I hadn't placed it into the actual folder.

I have attached the files you need. Just copy them into the Abduction folder, and overwrite the one that is currently there.

So sorry for the inconvenience.
Did the mine seem to work correctly for you? As in, did you run into the things that make the mine special? I don't want to post spoilers for anyone, but I DID have to make a modification, so I am wondering if it worked.

NOTE: Files removed because main download link has been updated.