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Graphical issues - Willbreaker - 04-02-2007


I have been experiencing some graphical issues at several occasions in this game just as in many different games (I've seen it in games like C&C3, Medieval 2 Total War, World of Warcraft). In this game some objects get things attached to them, that obviously shouldn't be there.

This is from WoW (same problems as him, but not my pictures)
This is one of the things that are attached to any object in the game. I dunno what to call that issue but it looks like this.

Jumpy shadows

What can I do? I called my graphics card retailer and I was told to get the newest drivers, look if the problems are there in another computer if you put the card in another computer (since it could be a software issue), return it.

Any more advice? I have tried deleting old drivers and put the newest in. Perhaps downgrading to another much earlier version works?


RE: Graphical issues - Willbreaker - 04-02-2007

I have now seen some interesting facts on ATi's homepage saying that it might be a hardware issue and I have also submitted a ticket to them. So if you can't help me here (though I appreciate all the help I get) I will get helped by ATi.

But please, help me resolve this!