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Stuck ? - cuber3 - 04-02-2007

// EDIT: I exited the game and restored my last save, so I guess it would be technically impossible to get stuck on that part. My bad Tongue

I think I might be stuck in the conveyor belt puzzle.
I raised the crushers and moved on.
I put a barrel in the one conveyor, and I think it got stuck, cause it didn't come out again.
Then I used a rock, and that one did get through and knocked down the ladder.
I solved the puzzle with the fan, and moved onwards.
Now I need that motor, so I tried throwing it up there, but it was too heavy, so I put it in the conveyor belt, but it didn't come out again.
I put in another barrel, but nothing works.
The motor is stuck inside and I can't get it out again...

Any help ??

RE: Stuck ? - Willbreaker - 04-06-2007

Funny how you didn't think of that in the first place Smile.


RE: Stuck ? - SirRaven - 04-06-2007

I put the motor first having it go to the top floor and later tried putting in one of the barrels but it also got stuck. I figured the barrel would be what is needed to stop the fan but I couldn't get one up there. I just used the motor to stop the fan.

Despite being able to fix it, they should fix it so either barrels can't fit into the conveyor belt or barrels do not get stuck inside. It's a pertinent sequence in the game to address.