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Penumbra slightly similar to The Thing
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Penumbra slightly similar to The Thing

I was watching a movie the other day called The Thing (2011) which is a prequel to The Thing (1982). I noticed that the Penumbra games are similar to the movies (a little bit).

Alright here is a brief the movie...

A team of scientists go to Antarctica in search of artifacts. They find a dead (or so they think) creature in the snow and they get it out and bring it back to the base site. It turns out the creature is an alien able to clone dna and make itself whichever creature it eats. Once the team realizes there is a imposter amongst them they try to kill it off (sorry I am trying to keep this short) using various techniques.

For those of you who have played the games you know the plot to Penumbra... the dude goes to find his father it turns out he is now trapped in a underground mine plauged by monsters. He goes on to find out an alien lives there and he wants peace. Daniel lies and tells his friend who magically has a sh*t load of resources to blow the place up and kill all of aliens.

The atmosphere seems very similar I am not saying they are exactly alike but the plot and setting seems to match a bit to me...

04-22-2012, 03:00 AM
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