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Where can I access the HPL Level Editor's Resources Directories?
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Where can I access the HPL Level Editor's Resources Directories?

I'm making a FCM(Full Conversion Mod) and want to have everything necessary to play said mod within the FCM's folders. I was initially working on the map using the base directories to add my resources to the Editor's resources, but if I move them from there not only does the editor no longer load those resources (obviously) nor will the player be able to play that map. I tried simply editing the models for everything to their new location and saving, and while the .map file shows the correct locations when opened in my text editor, the level editor reverts the directories back to their original locations on most of the models, while other models simply do not load at all.

The editor gives me the fallowing error:
"Found some errors while loading file. Check log for details. File index out of bounds."
and the log file says the fallowing:
"ERROR: Unable to open config file 'cold_case/cc_config/main_init.cfg'! Invalid filepointer returned!"

The init file is exactly where it should be and all the directories stated in the init file are as they should be. The editor seems to be trying to load the init file and can't find it, even though it worked before and never gave me any issues.

I figure the root of the problem is that the editor doesn't know where the resources are, and I've looked everywhere I could think of to find the config files for the editor. I'm sure that the problem can be fixed if I can just find out where to change that.

Nevermind, I found the config file for this. Although I'm not wanting to REPLACE the editor's default directories with my own directories, just add to them. Anyone know how I would do this?
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