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Penumbra Overture: crash after Shaft 12 and 13
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Solved: 2 Years, 4 Months, 2 Weeks ago Penumbra Overture: crash after Shaft 12 and 13

Hi, my problem is the following: after solving all the puzzles in the Shaft 12 and Shaft 13 areas in Penumbra Overture, just next to the tool shed where I found the screwdriver and the bolt cutter, I try to step into the next zone by entering the 4 digit code on the keypad.

After entering the right code, when trying to go through the door that the keypad unlocks, the game crashes as the "loading" screen appears. My screen becomes black, then returns to Windows Vista with the following error message:

"Penumbra.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module <UNKNOWN> at 001B:059BD310"

I have tried various things, such as removing my settings file or changing my game settings, running the game through the autorun or through the Penumbra.exe file. I run the latest version of the game.

What should I do in order to continue to play ?
08-06-2009, 02:37 PM

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