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[SPOILERS] What sustains Simon?
Void Offline
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[SPOILERS] What sustains Simon?


I wonder what sustains Simon, since he is only a corpse plus some head cyberware in a diving suit. The suits may be powered (the first one has luminescent spots all over it, the second is said to have strength-enhancing servos if I remember correctly), but they're meant to be worn by a living human, so their power reserve would probably be drained very quickly when also used to sustain the wearer himself.

The Structure Gel may have some powering properties (not mentioned in-game AFAIK) but I doubt it would have enough stored power for a walking, running, climbing, thinking, talking being of human size.

The WAU flowers (is that their official name?) could be replenishing Simon's power, but since you can complete the game with only connecting to one flower in Upsilon, this can't be the solution either.

I have completed the game once some days ago and I don't remember this being explained or questioned in-game. Did I miss something or is it left to the player to wonder?

Any information or hypothesis is welcome.
11-13-2016, 12:21 AM
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Abion47 Offline
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RE: [SPOILERS] What sustains Simon?

It's the battery that sustains him, yeah. It's the cortex chip interfacing with the structure gel that allows him to "live" and operate.

And actually, the amount of electricity required to run the human body is less than you'd think. This article talks about how the body is only able to generate 10-100 mV at any given time, and while I can't find anything on the amp equivalent to what muscles need to contract, there are already machines that artificially contract muscles which draw anywhere from 700 mA to as low as 10 μA, some of which that even run on AA batteries.

Also keep in mind that the amount of energy used by the human body is more focused by far in all the faculties that keep us alive - 20% of the energy we expend (on average) is just for the brain. Simon's robot body doesn't need to worry about operating the brain, heart, digestive systems, or any of the other energy-starved automated bodily processes. All it does is operate the muscles necessary to translocate.

11-13-2016, 01:13 AM
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