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[Rel]Library of Alexandria (Short-story)
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[Rel]Library of Alexandria (Short-story)

Hello everyone!

I have been working on a map namned "Library of Alexandria" for the teamnesia project. I have however decided to release it as a stand-alone project (I'm impatient and just want to get it out there).

Quick info:
Gameplay time: ~ 15 minutes(?)
Scariness: medium (?)
Story: Minimum
Puzzle difficulty: Easy to medium(?)

  1. 8 new models (more if counting easy ones). Not imported from penumbra.
  2. A new monster. Animated. Rigged. New sounds etc.
  3. ~2700 lines of script on one map. Should have some good scenes.
  4. Voice-acting by me and the user Cryaotic.

You travel to egypt in order to help your colleague Mr. Walker with an egyptian excavation. As you arrive events start to unfold.


Spoiler below!

[Image: o9WDQ.jpg]

[Image: r9ypH.jpg]

My friends have tested it out a couple of times. I hope there isn't any bugs left. If you do find any please write in the thread. I will also appreciate feedback on gameplay!

Tips while playing:
  • Write down clues to the puzzle on a piece of paper
  • Play when it's dark
  • Have headphones with a good amount of volume
  • Enjoy!
Download Link:

Version History:
1.01: Fixed the yellow staff not appearing.
1.02: Fixed a gobo not appearing. Corrected spelling mistakes, as well as "combination does not work".

[Image: mZiYnxe.png]

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