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Need "menu_bg.map" File! D=
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Need "menu_bg.map" File! D=

Okay, so for my campaign I am making, I wanted to make a new background to fit the theme. (Possibly a conversion mod, but I am struggling to understand that. If someone would like to help me with that, PM me and we'll talk =]) The map and custom music load up, but there's a problem... In game, It's not showing the static_objects (mainly walls) and floors and ceilings. But some entities show and if you study for a minute, the map still shows some of the old menu_bg.map entities.

In attachments are a photo of the in-game menu. And in another, is a screenshot of the menu_bg.map in the Level Editor, how it SHOULD look.

If someone could tell me how to make the walls/floors/ceilings show up and how the old menu objects could disappear, I'd be extremely grateful.
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10-05-2011, 12:36 AM
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