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A little request to developers on endings
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RE: A little request to developers on endings

Regarding your first three paragraphs: Are you sure you're not missing something my first post? I said: "In the next installment, can we...?" I know we talk about what Amnesia could've been, but no one says anything about changing it now. We're talking about how they might wish to consider our suggestion and bring it into account when creating the next installment.

For your custom story, if I were you, if they missed notes and such, I would find a way to emphasize those notes or flashbacks in the next installment. (If they're still important elements in your next story.) In writing, there are ways to lead audiences into reaching a certain conclusion without revealing too much. You just have to find a way. If you've already released it, what done is done. There's always the next installment if you have a mind to.

Quote:For your second paragraph, no, you just can't justify that.
Why not? As it happens, I can see no reason other than that you disagree with it. If you don't agree, fine. But it doesn't make the suggestions instantly bad. Some might be, no doubt. But you can tell they're bad because you're looking it in hindsight. Amnesia is a finished product which is optimized and is already good without those newly suggested ideas. Looking back in retrospect, I don't think explosive CG is an answer, but I was saying it figuratively than literally. Like, I want sunshine, fireworks, and virgins. Literal take on it is ridiculous. But in essence, it means something's missing and I want more in the next installment. If you disagree, fine. And I can see that arguing further won't make us agree. This is where agree to disagree comes in.

Quote:No one would throw away satisfied ones for the sake of unsatisfied ones.
Ah, but some did. Not to mention that one can find a middle ground to satisfy both. You don't have to throw away one to have the other. Some ideas can be added while keeping the old ones. You said I'm taking on chance, and it might make the game better or worse. True, but dismissing it out of hand means no chance at all. Penumbra did grow out of chance too. The first installment's combat has been criticized, the second grows out of it. Listening is the first step. Doing homework, considering if you should implement it, then deciding how to implement it (if you decide to) are the next steps. This way, 'chancy' becomes 'probably.' All this because they listened, not dismissing it out of hand. And because they did their homework. Also, there are risk in any change. And it's impossible to ask for or give 'good suggestions only.' You can only ask for or give 'suggestions.' All this kind of thread can serve is a hopeful wish to bring some ideas to developers and hope that they'd pick out some good ones. If you're not going to do their homework researching for them, you probably should leave the ideas there for them to decide. Because you're dismissing it without such important information. If they wanted to, they could do some research then make something out of the ideas. Or maybe they'll dismiss it out of hand like you did, it's all up to them.
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