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Windows update 1.0.2 released
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Solved: 2 Years, 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago Windows update 1.0.2 released

We have released an update for Episode 1, you can find out more here.

--change log--
- BumpSpec* changed to saturate w coord of BumpVec. Fixes strangeness on ATI with specular.
- Diffuse_Color_vp.cg was given 4d Color. Fixes disappering alpha geometry.
- Fixed strangness on ATI in shader quality Medium
- Fixed strangness on ATI in shader quality Low
- Attenuation bug for Low and Medium shader fixed.
- Minor misc other changes

- Keypad works after switching interact / examine buttons in settings.
- Shortcut key can be used to look at blank note.
- Jump + Tab does not increase jump height.
- Entering a map where a worm has appeared no longer result in crash.
- Cannot exit chemical storage after worm enters any longer.
- Updated BlackBox to give better information on crashes.
- Update StickAreas, hopefully solving cable bug.
- Updated MotionBlur.
- Added crosshair as an option.
- Fixed personal task not removed properly.
- Fixed lag issue with boulder in water cave.
- OpenAL fixes, SoundBlaster X-Fi/Audigy should be more compatible now.
- Ladders less prone to let the player fall of when exiting.
- Minor level and event fixes.
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