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My Amnesia Lets Play on youtube :D!
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RE: My Amnesia Lets Play on youtube :D!

nice one dude. I had the first comment/like Wink
Quote: http://youtu.be/jxpz6XLYd84
Use that link in your thread, so it will be embed.

As what lucke said, i should only advise you to use a webcam when you're comfortable with it, you should practice using it in custom stories whenever you complete the game.

And now some more serious things about you:
I like your voice, it's calm and nice to listen to, great scream and holy sh*t you made me jump lol.
Also, i love the british accent.

I'd advise you to play more horror games: Nightmare House 2, Condemned: Criminal Origins and Penumbra.

Keep them coming bro <3 (subscribed)

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts. – Robert Fulghum
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