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(UPDATE 06/6/12)Amnesia FC Mod: The Frost Series
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(UPDATE 06/6/12)Amnesia FC Mod: The Frost Series

This is yet another project im working on. (the title will most likely change, or not)

Story (posting it now while its fresh):

The silent, though destructive powers of which mankind has released over years of unknowing ignorance into the atmosphere, has caused a global catastrophe; predicted, though ignored. The catastrophe caused polar areas to melt; rapidly bringing an ice age upon us to siege the lands; leaving only a slim area of habitable terrain near the equator. World leaders turned on each other, in fight over the remaining lands the earth had to offer our petty existence. A natural dis-balance has occurred, and you; Garry Wright, are caught in a clash between the nations, a year after the global catastrophe. With your vessel declining, you jump ship and find yourself striking down near the outskirts of Dallas, being the only survivor on your vessel. Cold, trapped and lost, you decide to suit up, and head to the closest city. On your journey you pass over remnants of a society you had long forgotten about; Our self-induced catastrophe which spawned chaos worldwide, and finally, our eventual doom. But, the catastrophe made way for a new threat to society; one we could never have predicted.

UPDATE: (1/7/12): 8 maps are currently done.. in progress of making custom mobs and detailing the different maps.

What I've figured out: I've had some amazing brainstorming ideas on this story, and I've decided to make this a 3 (2) part story

This will from now officially be named: Frost

Episodes (planned names(bound to change)

The Frost Series - Part 1: Reditus
The Frost Series - Part 2: Equinox
The Frost Series - Part 2: Apocalyptia

screenshots will be posted in the next few hours.


(UPDATE 1/9/12):


I'm in serious need of some voice actors.

If you have a mature voice, with a sort of british tinge to it, then please, I'd appreciate if you could voice act for me!


-Garry Wright: Protagonist. ~25-30 years of age. Greatly developed in the science branch; though mainly around the biological, chemical and nuclear sections. Qualified for the job of solution studies for his out-of-the-box thinking, and genuine and clever solutions to almost every problem he was faced with. Currently serves as a nuclear engineer aboard "Case"

- Richard Palmer: Antagonist. ~50 years of age. greatly developed in the biological branch of study. Former employee of Green-co. The idea of various biological solutions existing originated from him. Quite the manipulative man. M.I.A/K.I.A

- Commander Jenkins: ~40 years of age. Commands the "Arthemeus". Was ranked "Commander" for his brave actions in the post-apoc conflicts in the military branch; and is a very respected, strict, though understanding individual.

- AI : Has the voice of a woman in her 40's. has quite the artificial voice, and isn't "aware" of her existence. More lines of her will be provided personally, so that it wont spoil too much.

read these lines and send it to me through: bendik.nyhus@hotmail.com

A few for the Overlord (who currently speaks through the concious mind of Richard):

////line to read\\\\ (Madly persuasive)

Richard: Can you see,Garry? Can you see, her promise of a collective mind; to bring mankind together. To create a true unified system?

Heres one for Garry:
////line to read\\\\ (Highly aggressive)

1: This is MAD. YOU'RE INSANE. To HELL with you, AND your vision!

Heres a few for the commander:
////next line to read(separate file and situation)\\\\

[i][u]Commander Jenkins:

1:We're tracking you on the OSS II military satelite, it'll give us an easier job of leading you.

2:Garry? Are you alright? We've lost visual confirmation of your location

Beneath this are the AI voice-acting lines. Its a spoiler for those of you who don't consider doing voice acting.

Spoiler below!

Facility AI:

"Electrical surges: controlled"

"Core shields: Stable"

"H2O Feed: Steady"

"Power output: 94.5%"

"Make sure to, check the cafeteria's, wide variety of, choices for, today's meals. A healthy, well fed worker, is a, happy worker."

"Access, denied"

"Access, approved"

"Doors, closing"

"Activating, lights"


Find stuff that you would normally hear in a facility, along with what has been mentioned above.

Its quite the long part, but personally I think whoever decides to do it will have a lot of fun.

UPDATE: 02/06/12


watch it here:

http://www.youtube.com/embed/m09s0rYq_nw (no longer avalible)

(this trailer is quite dull, and really isnt suited towards the recent changes of the story. expect some drastical changes.)

UPDATE: (06/6/12):

- Drastically changed the storyline. I also started scripting various maps, and still working on setting this up as a FC

- The storyline is roughly summed up in my brain, so I will most likely have to have someone beta test this eventually.

- Changed this from a 3 part story, to a 2 part story. Reditus, and Apocalyptia

- Gave slightly detailed descriptions of a few characters in the story.

- Done some various models, and worked with various scripts and sound-creation. I have the maps set up in my head, I love it when that happens.. -_-''

- Still need some hefty work done on the story section. I have the story, but it needs a bit more depth. If anyone wants to help id appreciate it.

- Will probably try post a vid soon about the different things ive done so far.. but, meh, ill see.
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