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Off Infected behaviour - intended?
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Off Infected behaviour - intended?

Hello folks,

First of all I want to thank the developersof Frictionalgames to:
1) Provide such great horror games which really make me scared AND differ so much from the "splatter type" of games carrying the name of the horror genre these days.
2) Also provide these games for Mac OS and Linux (I play on the latter OS)
3) Use NO DRM (except on Steam I suppose)

Thanks - honestly.

However I now encountered one special thing and I am not really sure how to proceed.

I am playing Black Plaque right now and I encountered some Infected monsters right now. Two of them had a strange behaviour:

1) The frist Infected ever in the game. First time I encountered him - he entered the room and just stood there while I hid behind the desk. He literally stood exactly in the doorway and I had no way out. I was curious since I was thinking to use stealth like in Overture - but it was no option here. So I spoiled mysef a little and looked up a Youtube video. In this the Infected went to the room and went away later. So I launched up my game again and tried again. This time I hid under the desk FASTER than before. This time the Infected di not even enter the room! I walked towards his entry point in the level and saw him standing at the door he initially came in - observing the wall closely with his flashlight - as if the model was just placed there and never moved.

Of course in both situations I COULD make noise, he would spot me and we got into a fight.

2) This was shortly after I picked up the saw. I noticed an Infected in frotn of the door and hid behind some boxes. I waited there for almost three minutes. Behind the door (I could see beneath the door actually) he was standing - guarding the door - doing absolutely NOTHING!
So I made some noise which made him break the door. Then he stood in the hallway - doing nohting AGAIN!
Annoyed by this I went in his sight and when he tried to jump me I stepped aside and ran away.

Well so far all of this worked but it seems rather odd to me that the enmies act so strange. I read about similar effects here affecting the Mac verison of the game. Now it also seems to affect the Linux version. I bought the games over the Frictionalgames store recently and Patch 1.1 is applied as well.

I guess since the games are a bit older now I cannot really expect any new Patch fixing this anymore? Is maybe some sort of script file missing on the Mac and Linux versions of the game I can still add ? (I have downloaded the Windows version from the Shelf as well so I generally have access to the Windows content of the game) I can somehow hardly imagine that this might be a bg in the general game code as the patrolling of the dogs in Overture worked just fine.
12-19-2011, 01:36 AM
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