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Supporting #Include (And Other C Preprocessor Directives)
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Supporting #Include (And Other C Preprocessor Directives)

Somebody mentioned a few weeks ago about how it would be useful to be able to split a single script file into many reusable parts, and then just link them together using something like #includes. I had been wanting something that could do this too for my own projects.

I had initially considered use of the import statement, however I couldn't get this to work. The C Pre-processor happens to provide the support that was being looked for, however the were still the issue of making it usable.

Setting up
In the below ZIP-File a copy of MCPP is included as the pre-processor. I have also written a batch script which will call the pre-processor with the appropriate arguments as well as a display error messages & log them into a text file. Zip File Download:


The next thing to do is set up notepad++ to use the batch file and MCPP. Extract the contents of the zip file to a safe place (For example in a new folder in the amnesia directory). Open up notepad++ and go into the "run" menu and click "run" (or press F5). Into this dialogue box put the following:
Replace [FOLDER] with the folder the batch file is in. For example:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Amnesia\HPS_PREPROCESSOR\PreProcess.bat $(CURRENT_DIRECTORY) $(FILE_NAME) $(NAME_PART).hps

it is recommended that you then click save and bind the command to something like F6 - otherwise you will have to enter this every time you start notepad++.

Warning: Do not press "run" (or F6 if you bound it) on a script file which ends in ".hps"! This will wipe the script file!!! Give your script files which use the pre-processor a different extension (E.g .phps or .lhps).

The files that exist before pre-processing will have to have a different extension to the one after pre-processing. The simplest way to do this is to call your script files something like "level.phps" so that the pre-processor writes "level.hps". Consider the following test code:
#include "inclusion_test.phps"

void OnEnter()
   AddDebugMessage("File 1",false);

void OnStart()
  AddDebugMessage("File 2",false);

Running the script from test.phps (F6 if you followed the instructions above) should create "test.hps":
void OnStart()
AddDebugMessage("File 2",false);

void OnEnter()
AddDebugMessage("File 1",false);
Which is what the game will see from test.map and run. When you distribute your custom stories only this exported file is required. Obviously, since we are now using a C pre-processor there is a whole host of other things you can do too.

Recommended Extra Installation Step
You may notice that stuff like #include isn't color coded - and that your new script files ".phps" aren't automatically recognised as HPS files! I Have updated the notepad++ files to fix this (Note that these are updated versions of the overhauled notepad++ files, which provide a fixed function list, folding regions and a new color scheme).

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?yx2nb2zdgdswg4e

Installation (Steps 1->4 are optional but recommended):
  1. Close notepad++
  2. Go to where you installed notepad (Probably C:\Program Files\Notepad++ or C:\Program Files (X86)\Notepad++\)
  3. Go to the folder "Plugins" Then to the folder "APIs"
  4. Copy across the downloaded version of "hps.xml" into this folder. If you a prompted to overwrite, say yes.
  5. Start notepad++
  6. Go into view-> User-Defined Dialogue
  7. On the drop-down box, if there is the option to select "HPS", select it and and click "Remove"
  8. Click import, and import "UserDefinedDialogue.xml"

You will now a fixed functions list for amnesia (Adds missing functions & keywords, removes non-existing ones), as well as a new color scheme, folding regions (//+ //- /** **/ //Begin //End) etc. ".hps, .phps, .lhps" are now detected, and "#..." are coloured correctly.

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