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Confederacy's Nightmare (New enemy and such)
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RE: Confederacy's Nightmare (New enemy and such)

(01-07-2012, 10:33 PM)Dark Knight Wrote: Black Rabbit

firstly - thanks for save, i passed through that glitch with nightmare level.(where i cant see heart on pedestal and scepter is useless)

here you go
Spoiler below!

[Image: sT4QUl.jpg]

take on of this bricks, and broke the cell lock, then you can grab 4-th pipe!
and be careful not to fall down with it into water
that really amazing MAZE

btw, after that you awaits a next puzzle- guess a combinatoin on levers, there are 8 of them.
only then gate will be opened.
hint: use symmetry

AND reach next location with challenging your run skills


DAMN, very-very long story!
i played it through 1 week! Tongue oOOO

the Choir part was best of////.
yes, the ending - some disappointing for me, anyway - the HUGE project on of the best in my collection( that a very large areas )

AND please, if you can - do it as custom story with usual lamp of 1800year and no *.but file ...heh
btw the pipe I was missing was on the friggin' shelf xD the door that wouldn't open (wooden) is not supposed to open Tongue
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01-07-2012, 10:56 PM
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