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Custom story testers needed!
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RE: Custom story testers?

(01-18-2012, 05:42 PM)trollox Wrote: Erm Hi! i played your mod. I'm not 100% sure but i belive that there's only 2 room on map.2?
Anyhow that's how far i got. And i saw you wanted imformation about what i tought?
Well i'm an map editor my self (new to it) But i could tell that the first monster was a poofer i mean there was no where to hide besides that closet. And he didn't attack the door. He glitched in the wall , well not glitched but he couldn't move that he was hunting somthing in a wierd direction. And in the end of the map at that lananadum/sanity potion (can't remember which one it was) it was way to obvious that somthing would happen. I don't want it to sound bad or anything but that's what i thought. Then that part where you had to pick up your latern i shit my pants when i had to turn around. Same with the knight part. Those where the really good parts. And i do love how you've taken a lot of time into the actual game world. There's a lot of smoke details to walls items / rooms and such.
That's really good. Oh and when you picked up that lanunanum/ sanity potion it was a litle to bright.
Try making the light amout of your map lower Because one of the biggest fears among a player is the darkness. And i don't know how long you're making the map but it felt like you over did the resorses? i got like 25tinderboxes? I don't rekon i even lit one of those candles because it already was so bright and i my lantern. I do have an idea i don't know how experienced you are with scripting in the .hps file but i saw that you got the knowlage requierd for this scrip and i'm sure of it. Even i manged and i've only been scripting for a week-2weeks. It's called "flyingjesus" it's a very simple jump scare that makes any player shit their pants if placed propertly and constructed well. There's no guideson it on youtube so you'll have to seach it in the wiki for script. Or ask flamez3 he'll defently help you out.
That's what i thought of the mod. I'd give it a 7/10 x) And hay , if you need help just pm me i'd love to try and help atleast (i'm not good at all with scripts) Peace out bro
Ps. sorry for my horrible english :<

Thank you for the revieve.AND there is secret passage under the carpet in the second map!!!!so try that out if you want Big Grin.But im pretty good with scripting and the map editor.I kinda agree with you about the tinderboxes :/ Im gonna make the first room a bit darker.
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01-18-2012, 05:53 PM
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