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2007-08 Friday 24th, Penumbra: Overture with HaptX coming soon.
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RE: 2007-08 Friday 24th, Penumbra: Overture with HaptX coming soon.

Scraper Wrote:Can you guys show few videos what this HaptXâ„¢ really do with Penumbra: Overture and how it changes the game? 'Cause I don't understand it by reading it...
Or could someone explain it to me in simple way? Smile

A quick attempt:

You have a machine on the table with an arm sticking out of it, you grab the arm and you can move it around in all dimension, so it's an input device like a mouse but you can also move it deeper into the screen in addition to horisontal and vertical movement.

The interesting thing is then that the arm has a bunch of motors working on it so with the right software the mouse/arm will know when it, for example, collides with a box. The motors will then make the arm hard to move so you have to apply more force to tip the box over. The motors can also do basic force feedback effects and small forces that simulate different surfaces such as slippery and sticky.

So in Penumbra: Overture this for example means that you can feel when your "hand" touches the door and you have to use more force to move the door open than you do when only moving the hand around in an empty space. Picking up a stone actually feels heavy and getting attack by a wolf makes the control shake etc

For lots of videos: http://youtube.com/results?search_query=...rch=Search
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