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No more Jump scare maps....it is getting unoriginal.
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RE: No more Jump scare maps....it is getting unoriginal.

(02-02-2012, 01:57 AM)Cryaotic Wrote: Opinion incoming:

Jump scares can work if done sparingly, used properly, and not one after another. Starting off a custom story and then suddenly within the first two minutes you have had at least 12 things jump out at you is not fear-inducing, it's irritable and a cheap tactic to get a natural human reaction to be startled by something happening suddenly.

True fear is the fear of uncertainty. You are unsure of what's going to happen when you go down this dark hall, you hear a noise behind a closed door and the only way to see what is behind it is you opening that door to see what lies in wait - fear is something that can cause a person's imagination to run wild with the idea of something crawling around their own home and intruding in their safety zone.

Fear is not a flying malformed rag doll, loud noises as impossible things suddenly pop out of thin air. Fear is not loading into a custom story and being faced with a grunt charging you only to poof into dust. Fear is not hiding in a closet waiting for grunt to despawn, leaving the closet, and then being forced to hide again as a brute spawned as you went through a doorway. These are not fear, these are shit gimmick tactics that will only affect the mindset of an immature youth, someone entirely virgin to the HPL2 engine, or people who pretend to be scared while recording a video in order to garnish views via screaming loudly when something unsettling happens (this is not targeting anyone, it's more of a general observation).

If you want to put a jump scare into a game, I see nothing wrong with it. If you want to put seventeen, don't expect a lot of praise in the originality and/or well-received department. Open up, be thoughtful of new ideas and branch out from the things that made the childhood you get scared around the campfire. It's not going to get anything accomplished if you do the same thing again and again, repetitive tendencies grow old fast, diversity is required to truly thrive in most things, not just the horror element.

These are golden words Smile. I never liked jumpscares and if I did, I preffered original ones AND they should fit into story. For example, if you go and search for man in house then one dead man can prop out form unexpected place (Not from thin hair). Then it would be obvious -> it is that man who you went to search.

I personally prefer atmospheric uneasiness. That you feeluneasy and feel like jumpscare can jump from everywhere at any moment -> that feeling is true scariness. Maybe there is not even monster, only music and player can freak out.

Sadly so few maps have these, as many I have played. I am serious fan of white night because it had that element. I was scared in there even tho 90% of time there was nothing at all. I was waiting for jumpscare, moving carefully not to have heart attack and then at unexpected moment, there was "booh" and I was - O.o... T_T....

I am personally trying to archive that too, but I can say, it is very damn hard...

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