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Amnesia Custom Story: Guide to Horror / Do's and Don't for Scaring Players
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RE: Amnesia Custom Story: Guide to Horror / Do's and Don't for Scaring Players

(04-06-2012, 02:12 PM)flamez3 Wrote: I'm sorry, I don't know how people can come to these forums, make an account, go to a sub-forum and then tell people how to make a custom story. I don't see myself bitching, I am telling people to stop bitching.

With the recent outburst of these threads I have been less and less inclined to post in them... And I have. I simply ignore than as foolish and immature. But after every 2-3 threads have been made stating the exact same opinion and the same exact people agreeing with them it gets a bit hard to let it go.

It's just... really hard to see people so concerned on what other people are doing with their maps... that they feel like it's their place to tell them how to make theirs. As I said, grow up... this will continue for a long...long time and there is nothing you can do about. Unfortunately.

P.S: And on a side note you have 666 posts :o

P.P.S: Show me one post of me bitching about the outcry of people making threads about this.
Well, each to his own (as previously stated in the thread), but I have seen people pump out stories much faster than I make a single map. When threads like these arise I see them as a good thing, hoping that it will make people more aware of building a good map, not that it should take a lot of time - but there are a lot of things to think of when making a story.

These threads are not forcing anyone to make their map in a certain way. Hopefully, someone, when reading one of these threads will stop and think - and maybe, just maybe create something which in the end is a little better than it would have been.

Just look at HL2 modding. Amnesia is at a sandbox level compared to that.
(One example of a really cool one:

Yeah hehe :>

(04-06-2012, 04:07 AM)flamez3 Wrote: Just grow the fuck up, no one is going to change because you are but hurt. Now gtfo.

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04-06-2012, 03:13 PM
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