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Did frictional games bring meaning back into gaming for you?
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RE: Did frictional games bring meaning back into gaming for you?

(03-19-2012, 06:19 PM)Googolplex Wrote: Amnesia is not a game only made to get money.
Frictional Games is not like EA!
EA only make games for "big mass" for casual teenagers who won't have a challenging and credible artful game. They wanted to have fun or to be the superhero or to smashing against friends each other.
But this games are crap!
Frictional Games go the right way and make good games.
They really can't work on such primitive niveau like EA did. Amnesis was made to scare us, not to bring them money!
They work with love on the game, every detail is created with love.
I feel that in other games (for example):

Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed
Indiana Jones and the infernal machine
World Racing

Credible and decent games are rare in this time of action waste.
Frictional Games are one of the unique heroes who made good epic games!
And I hope, they never change their style!
You are aware that EA made Need For Speed? And that EA is not only a developer, but a publisher, meaning that there are lots of studios not affiliated with EA in any other way (EA publishes Valve's games for consoles, for example) who make games that are not influenced by EA in any way? And that you're basically sweeping all teenagers under one carpet by saying that no teenagers can enjoy a "challenging and credible artful game [fucking sic]"? And you're presuming that all games that EA ships are automatically pieces of shit that aren't even worth checing out? You are insulting the artistic merit of thousands of developers just because they are affiliated with EA? Now, don't get me wrong, I am no fan of EA. But it's not something you can deny that you are being extremely narrowminded and ignorant. And (once again) you are professing something that is nothing more than your opinion as fact. Again! I am sorry, but your posts make me weep for humanity. You're german, right? Here is a wikipedia article I think you should read.

And to get back on topic, I must say that while Amnesia is certainly a great game, and a piece of art, it did not "bring meaning back into gaming". Mostly because in my opinion, it never disappeared. Sure, the market is flooded with shitty games, games that are severely overpriced and exaggerated, games that are unoriginal and anti-progressive, but there are always good games to find if you search a bit. That said, Amnesia certainly blew me away as an artistic and innovative refreshment in the gaming world (and it will probably continue to, considering I haven't finished it yet).

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03-20-2012, 02:44 AM
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