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The Small Horse - Prologue (Custom Story) *FIXED*
Litronom Offline

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Heart  The Small Horse - Prologue (Custom Story) *FIXED*

Here it is! One of the insanest CS out there, i think so.

The Small Horse - Prologue

Its the prequel to The Small Horse I.
While playing, make sure that this isnt supposed to be really serious.

I went trough the learning process of how to import animations into Amnesia.
It tooks a while, but im sure some of them are funny and/or serious.

So, enough said. Download it here: (Its the fixed version)
Download removed due to piracy.

or here: (not fixed)
Download removed due to piracy.

If you want custom entities i made, feel free to use them, but pls send me a short note, ok?

Ok, have fun!

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02-25-2012, 08:38 PM

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