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Shades Of Clarity Episode I (Custom Story)
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RE: Shades Of Clarity Episode I (Custom Story)

(03-18-2012, 05:55 AM)ArcHitecK Wrote: Dude, awesome work on this custom story. So much details on the scenery, impressive. Also the thunder was really a good idea and well used.
Too bad the FPS was so bad in the big hall, but i still appreciated.

I found a bug by the way :
Spoiler below!

In the room where you found the colored rods next to the mirrored room, you can jump through the
wall in the right corner, and also die in the blue flames (don't ask how i managed to find that Big Grin ).

Spoiler below!

Haha! Damn testers, completely useless! Need to train them better! :-P I'm not going to ask... I understand you became a little frustrated with the puzzle and started the try-error method as well as the running-around-jumping-clicking-on-every-wall-and-screaming-at-the-damn-screen one. Ok, I'm going to fix that in the next version which will have the next episode as well. Unless someone finds some major bug. Call me strange but I don't think there is much chance someone will stump onto this one again. Not in the near future anyway... Tongue

Really, thank you for the feedback and bug report! Sorry guys, nothing I can do for the FPS drop. I'm trying to avoid creating massive levels like this one now. More compact and light from now on... Big Grin

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03-18-2012, 12:22 PM
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