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Can't get extra_english.lang to work
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RE: Can't get extra_english.lang to work

Well, joy. My .lang file has stopped working again. It's been working normally outside of dev mode, but because I can't use that mode, I placed the second .map file of my custom story into a different custom story folder so i could load directly into that map to test it.

However, once I was done with that map, I switched it--along with the updated .lang file--over into the original folder. Now the .lang file, which had been working perfectly well in the separate custom story, has stopped working altogether. I've tried recreating the .lang file and creating a new profile, but nothing I do can get it to work.

Every now and then when I try to replace the file again the .lang file DOES work, but then when I click "Start", the map doesn't load.

My maps are 1) castle.map and 2)tunnel.map, and here are the contents of my .lang file and my custom story settings:

Spoiler below!

MapsFolder = "maps"

Spoiler below!
<CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
<Entry Name="Description">You are studying an abandoned castle in Germany, when a sudden tremor that runs through the castle wakes you.</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Inventory">
(omitted for spoilers)

<CATEGORY Name="Journal">
<Entry Name="Quest_HenryDoor_Text">The door to Henry's room is stuck. There might be another way in.</Entry>
(omitted for spoilers)

<CATEGORY Name="Doors">
<Entry Name="jammed">The latch is jammed.</Entry>
<Entry Name="budge">It won't budge.</Entry>
<Entry Name="inside">It's locked.</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Lever">
(omitted for spoilers)

<CATEGORY Name="LoadingText">
(omitted for spoilers)


I spoiled the plot-revealing parts, but rest assured that the syntax in those parts was correct, because they were showing up in the level correctly before I copy and pasted the file.

Edit: The original .lang file that I copied over is no longer working either, even though I did not edit it since it worked last. I swear, these files give me the most possible grief.


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