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Work in progress The Shadow Killer
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The Shadow Killer

Hello! Thanks to this I've kept busy, is another fully isolated Ful Conversion I'm working on, the name so far is "The Shadow Killer".


Kurt Miller, a police officer, married, one daughter, the most expensive floor in an apartment complex and also with good views of the street, after all, they were a happy family, until the day that he had to stay at the police station. He fell asleep, afterwards, when he awoke, he realized that he was alone, so he decided to leave. Arriving at the apartment he realized that the doors were locked and the key did not fit. - They have changed the locks? They did not tell me - Were asked himself. - I got to find another way then. When he managed to enter he found the worst thing... -What was that noise? Seeing at what he can do, I do not want to know! I have to get out of here as soon as possible! - Said, But he doesn't know that the nightmare had already begun ...


http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/9/a...84918.png/ Until now: 14 images, Why everyone just look at the first? There are more you know?

  • A fully isolated Full Conversion so there are not many problems installing and uninstalling.
  • A lot of custom models, and retexturized models.
  • No mansion_base - castle_base and others sets are being used.
  • New light source (The flashlight, or I will try to create one completely different)
  • Set in a modern time.
  • The most important, 0% jumpscares with naked guys (I hate them, seriously, they are ugly and unoriginal).
  • Custom particles (I managed to make them work).
  • It will have some custom sounds.
The custom models are from White Night, the credits are from it's creators.
The retexturizations are mine.

It has jumpscares but not the typical "Pick up a key and a monster appear" or the "Hallway with a naked guy in your face", I mean, the scares are realistic, that's what I think.
See you soon!
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03-29-2012, 03:22 AM
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