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2007-11 Friday 23rd, Adventure Conference 2007.
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RE: 2007-11 Friday 23rd, Adventure Conference 2007.

when you think of it, is any game perfect? I'm not really defending BP, but we still don't know what the gameplay will be like. Yeah, that screenshot of that big blur, I don't, but who knows. Reminds me of F.E.A.R., an okay game, but in my opinion, nothing like Penumbra.
Like I said though, no game is perfect. Never will be, because we all have our own opinions. To me, Call of Duty was/still sort of is, one of my top favorite types of game. Perfect? No. Descent 3 online is a great game; perfect? Nope. But, still fun? Yes.
As long as Penumbra stays clear of F.E.A.R., Doom 3, and those other types of games, I think we have another winner on our hands.
Those games are alright, but Penumbra is different; and that's part of the reason it's fun. and it's morbid, swedish adds a little touch to it as well.
11-24-2007, 08:29 PM

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