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A new YouTube channel is born - Made by an Italian who speaks English.


| Introduction

PROJECTSHEX is a new YouTube Channel where I will upload videos of:
  • Gameplays of horror games;
  • Review of Custom Stories made for Amnesia: The Dark Descent;
  • Videologs where I'll say something about hi-tech and stuff.
You have to know that I'm Italian and I'm fifteen. Sorry for my pronunciation or my bad language, but I'm trying to learn something new everyday and I will try to speak better and better. If you want, you can support me sending e-mails or private messages in which you could ask me questions or just give me some advices for a better channel. I will read every message.

| The channel

Here's the link:

[Image: youtube-icon.png]
Click the link above for the redirect.

Like I've said before, my YouTube channel is related to hi-tech discussions, videogames, horror and much more. You can suggest me playing some videogames or making videos of some sort of topic (which include the words "videogames", "technology" or "horror").

| You can also find me on...

Twitter, yes!
I have a Twitter account where you can follow me for updates, questions or polls about my channel and something else.
You have to know that my Twitter page/account is used also for personal purposes.

[Image: twitter-icon.png]
Click the link above for the redirect.
Thank you for visiting this thread. I hope you will be interested by this.
Check out my channel for more Amnesia vids. If I reach more than 100 views, I will continue my adventure in "Confederacy's Nightmare".

04-01-2012, 01:15 PM

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