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2007-12 Thursday 13th, Teaser and Previews
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RE: 2007-12 Thursday 13th, Teaser and Previews

jens Wrote:

Yesterday the first actual trailer of Penumbra: Black Plague was released! Be sure to take a look, there might be some new stuff in it!

You can also download the original full size movie from GamersHell.com.

We have four previews to report about, or rather four if you can read english, german and swedish.

Gamezone.com - English
4Players.de - German
Gameplayer.se - Swedish
Gamepad.se -Swedish

this looks great jens! the weird people with flashlights is a nice touch! i can see why red dident want us to go into the shelter!and is that the return of the rockworm i see?
12-14-2007, 02:29 AM

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