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2007-12 Thursday 13th, Teaser and Previews
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RE: 2007-12 Thursday 13th, Teaser and Previews

WindexGlow Wrote:Seems that you'll get to be outside alot more.

Outside more? There's just one picture where player is outside?
In Overture it was like half of minute to three minutes. Not so much...

But hopefully, in Black Plague, we can wander around in the blizzard.
And hopefully, there are more ways to settle the puzzles or more ways to get the same outcome with the game.

Like: I can choose will I go through the Dogs or do I face two Worms... But the outcome is same.


that we can choose the end from three different ones...

or it doesn't have to be just like that... But hopefully you guys get the point!

But more like, unlinear game play would be just great! Smile
No that we just run through every place 'cause we'll have to do that. And when we've finished we are just like: 'OK..? Was it there? End already?'

12-21-2007, 08:27 AM
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