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Spoiler Amnesia + Penumbra lets plays :P
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Amnesia + Penumbra lets plays :P

o Hai Der!!! My name is Robin A.K.A RobzeeN which I came up with in 6th grade while making a world of warcraft name hehe :P I love playing scary games and I love the adrenaline that it gives :D! I was shown Amnesia in 7th or beginning of 8th grade by a friend that goes by the virtual name "Aicer". We decided to try the game out and we were terrified! I still have the first ever clip of me playing it and I shat my pants while playing haha :D

You have been warned! My scream is LOUD!

Well after that I decided to stop playing for that day and the next day I continued and loved the game untill the dungeon part came and I stopped playing so I started to play custom stories instead :P But by now I have completed amnesia hehe :P
I play for fun, to entertain :) I believe that my "Teh Peepz" love my reactions and watch my videos cause im funny and I think you should give me a shot! :) I usually upload 1-2 videos a day and atleast 3 videos a week so dont worry about the uploads ;) If I dont upload everyday its because of school or something else has happend :/ BUT dont worry I try to get my videos out as much as possible :D!

04-07-2012, 11:22 PM
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