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2008-01 Thursday 3rd, Preview extravaganza and part two of our dev diary.
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RE: 2008-01 Thursday 3rd, Preview extravaganza and part two of our dev diary.

Someone please edit that post above to remove the possible spoiler.

IGN has several storyline spoilers, along with several puzzle spoilers and how to solve them. Most however seem to be spoiling only the beginning of the game, but there is a major one about a charecter you will 'meet'.

Adrenaline vault has several spoilers once again; the same basic puzzle solutions from above, and referring to the same person you 'meet'. You get a very good description of the beginning environment, but it also spoils when you meet your first enemy.

Gamevortex is hardly worth a read. No spoilers, but it doesn't really tell you anything about black plague. He rambles on and on about the physics, and how they relate to Tresspasser; but other than that and 2 sentences saying "Game is great, great atmosphere, buy buy buy" you don't learn anything about it.

But even with the spoilers, they're a great read. Spoiler contains 3 new pictures found in GameCaptain.
Spoiler below!

[Image: 1_big.jpg][Image: 2_big.jpg][Image: 3_big.jpg]

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