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What a 3d modeller would want to see for a team request
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What a 3d modeller would want to see for a team request

Greetings All,

I'm interested in knowing, as the subject suggests, what a 3d model artist would want to see if they were to agree to work on a project as part of a team. To put that in some context, I come from the programming background side of development, I love scripting in this engine, and if someone was proposing a team effort to develop a mod where I would do only that thing that I love - scripting - I know exactly what I would want to see in terms of the other developers experience and ideas. I know some people hate scripting, and would want a scripter to do scripting, but I don't see modellers that love modelling wanting to only do modelling because they hate all that fiddly coding crap.

Lets set up a theoretical situation: If I was creating a mod in a totally different environment to Amnesia, and different from a modern hospital theme, I would need a short games worth of unique 3d models to work with. I know it's a great and unique idea, and I know that there are artists who want to do a lot of hard work to make a great and unique mod.

So then, how do I go about making a proposition that would get an artist interested in doing that work?

This is an open question to any 3d artist at any skill level. There must be artists out there that want to do art, because there are scripters who want to do scripting. So if you are an artist, and I came to you with this idea, what would you want me to show you, to get you interested.

I ask this because I have no experience of what you want, and I want to know what you want because I want your help, but I know that there are very few artists on these forums. It would be presumptuous of me to post this asking a modeller to help - that is not my intention, I just don't know the psychology of that side of development, and I want to understand it for the future.

04-30-2012, 02:40 PM
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