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Sounds crashing the game
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Sounds crashing the game

So, i've successfully compiled and ran the Penumbra Overture inside Visual Studio 2010 after removing the menu music starter in source code. And the major problem is (obviously) related to sounds and music. Everytime a sound should be loaded and played, the game crashes and VS asks me if i want to break or continue with the execution. If i dint remove these lines in MainMenu.cpp, the game wouldnt even load:


and when i did remove these lines and i press some button in the main menu, for example the Options button, it should play the button click sound (some kind of thump) the game crashes and the error seems to be in ope.c file. And that file a default windows file and handles some windows file opening functions. I think the error is with the OALWrapper or with other sound system because when i dint remove those lines mentoined above, the game crashes at the Loading... screen and VS says that the error is in MainMenu.cpp at line 2517 (wich is: mpInit->mpGame->GetSound()->GetMusicHandler()->Play("music_theme.ogg",1,5.0f,false); )
Any advice will be appreciated.
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04-30-2012, 09:38 PM
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