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A Morbid New Year (Custom Story/Full Conversion)
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RE: A Morbid New Year (Custom Story/Full Conversion)

(05-02-2012, 10:35 PM)Tommyboypsp Wrote:
(05-02-2012, 04:27 PM)R. Peters Wrote: The screen freezing thing was most likely nothing to do with the custom story itself, but not to worry if it worked anyway The lack of supplies was kind of deliberate, I wanted players to be fumbling around in the dark, but if it doesn't prove to work as well as I had hoped then maybe i'll make oil as plentiful as it was in the actual game, in my next story. With the lighting, do you mean there wasn't enough light, or specific parts with bad lighting? Thanks for your feedback, i'm sure it'll all work towards improving my next CS
Spoiler below!
Good to see you don't see it as complaining. I'm indeed trying to help you. So here's some more feedback (sorry )

I understand how important darkness is in horror games like these, but in here you just can't see a thing at all at some points. Do you know how the game works with 'getting used to the darkness'? Because in the hallways you have torches hanging not too far from eachother, with a bit of darkness in between. If you walk from one to the other without stopping, you don't have enough time to get used to the darkness, so the player could miss a door. I think you should either make the light sources spread more light, or remove them so the player can get used to the darkness. I hope you understand what I meant by the 'annoying mouse' thing. That's why I think you should supply more sanity potions.

Just keep in mind that this is merely my opinion. The cursor delay when insane annoys me, but other might like it as part of the game.

Another thing is that I didn't quite catch the story. I got the part with the prisoner stealing the orb, how that lead to the monsters taking over to get it back, and you having to replace it. However, at first the room near your bedroom is open, and when you get back upstairs later it's locked with a note from your father next to it. Does this mean your father doesn't know about the monsters?

I also didn't quite see the point in the prisoner being illiterate. I could very well understand if some people find it annoying to read this. Maybe you could just misspell some words, feels like it's overdone (again my opinion).

P.s., I lol'd at the rat in the chest

Ah I get you, thanks for the advice, I have already begun re-working the lighting in my next one. I think I shall try add sanity potions rather than oil in the next one. I think it's a good compromise as I don't consider the insanity to be a major part of gameplay (in custom stories, at least), but I still like players to feel 'trapped' in the darkness so to speak Smile I think most people do not find it quite that irritating, but i'll try to make an effort to reduce the play of sanity from now on. In fact with that prospect in mind, you might like my next one if/when I finish it, you'll be playing a grown man, with no fear of the dark. I'm kind of working on an idea of 'damage the players sanity, not the characters' at the moment Tongue

As for the story, the reason your parents' bedroom was only locked originally, and not boarded over is because the first time you encounter the bedroom is during the dream. i.e, it would be a re-creation of the parents' room based on Christopher's slightly warped memory. A brief summary is that your father was aware of the problem, and after having secured the orb, left the mansion to get aid. Christopher was meant to have returned slightly after this point in time, and unaware of the situation went to his room, only to find out the hard way, and ran down to the well (this is where the CS begins). So your father was aware of the monsters, as you can tell from the note in his room in the 'real' world

I also take your point about the illiterate prisoner. I think this may have been a case of a little too much story detail, but fear not, if I do anything like that again, i'll just put a *The writer must've been illiterate. This is probably something along the lines of what he meant* at the start and write in proper English XD

Thank you very much for the advice once again. For a first custom story this has been very well received by most people, and it's sure been a fun learning experience. Hopefully my next one will be even more pants-shittingly brilliant Tongue

Author of: - A Morbid New Year (Also available as a full conversion).
05-02-2012, 11:59 PM
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