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Extremely choppy playback of streaming sound.
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RE: Extremely choppy playback of streaming sound.

I did have WITH_ALUT defined. Looking in hpl.log (which I should have done originally) it loads ogg's but not wav's, so it's probably a problem with how I compiled Alut. I'm going to try with the binaries they provide and see if it works then, which will tell me if it was just my version that I compiled.

EDIT: Hmm, it didn't seem to do anything different. Maybe there was an API change that broke the function that is being used to load wav's, I'll look into it.

I just realized that I did change the way it loads wav's since the old wav loading function was deprecated. I probably did it wrong or something. I'm adding the alut error string to the wrapper so I can see what goes wrong.
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