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Texture, Model & Animation Help Importing Rigged Models into Amnesia?
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RE: Importing Rigged Models into Amnesia?

(05-05-2012, 05:21 PM)Acies Wrote: Hmm.. I know that I have had this issue somtime.

Is the .dae baked on export? --> Shouldn't be.
Is the weight painting normalized? Should be.
How does the weight painting look?
Try "unloading" fbx maya before export, then export using OpenCollada.
Just go "Export all-->".

Hope it helps :>

Well, good news is, I was able to get animations into the game; I discovered a lack of animations was due to having sampling enabled. Bad news is that it's so inaccurate to what I intended it's not even funny. Tongue I think it's the .dae export settings; I imported the animations into Maya as well, and even in there, the animations were fine! Tongue

Here are two images for helping others help me out. The first is how the model looks in the model viewer. The second is the export settings I used for the last version of my model.

[Image: screen_shot_2012_05_05_at_2_49_48_pm_by_...4yq7z8.png]

[Image: screen_shot_2012_05_05_at_2_47_30_pm_by_...4yq7zw.png]

05-05-2012, 07:47 PM
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