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Umh... Yea, is this greedy? And am I allowed to?
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Umh... Yea, is this greedy? And am I allowed to?

Heey Frictional Games.
I was kinda wodering. Are people allowed to make a custom story. And put it on the internet for a Cash Value. Like a half a euro or something. I know this question is kinda greedy. And before people are gonna ask:'Dude don't you enjoy the making of the maps. Isn't it allready anough to have other people having anjoy your map'.
Yes I enjoy the making of it alot. But still its like you work months of scripting a levelediting. For no reason, how ever this is really good practice for going into the the game media world lol :/. And ofcourse I am really happy Frictional Games did let people having advance of there HPLengine. And I know there's copyright on. But still I was wondering if its allowed to make a low price value on the maps. Because if it was. I could make some moneys with it to buy so software to go get more started into this world ( Game Art - Development ). And so I can go try alot of modding into Amnesia instead of just a couple of things if you know what I mean. I allways try the maps to having them looking good :). Because I hate it by myself when its not. And yes I know, if I would start make a new scape and scaling of the map. Whole new arts and monsters. It will be a fail. Because I havent learned for it yet. And I'm more into the Developing side lol.
Anyway Greets NeoCrawler,
I don't hope this question bothers to much :/

1 map in progress, and alot in ma mind
The reason for why we live. Is to experience death.

05-05-2012, 01:08 AM
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Umh... Yea, is this greedy? And am I allowed to? - by neocrawler - 05-05-2012, 01:08 AM

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