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2008-02 Thursday 7th, Penumbra: Black Plague Demo Released!
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RE: 2008-02 Thursday 7th, Penumbra: Black Plague Demo Released!

jens Wrote:

Two news post in one day, oh my!

The Penumbra: Black Plague Demo is out, go to the Penumbra: Black Plague site for a nice and long list of high quality mirrors!

While you are waiting for the download to finish you can enjoy another review over at GamersUniverse.com.

"Penumbra: Black Plague is an impressive first person horror survival title. It has a great story with a strong finale, and an impressive physics engine that rivals those of other games with larger budgets. It’s full of intuitive puzzles and a creepy atmosphere and Black Plague, contrary to most games, plays with your senses and absorbs you into its frantic and paranoid world."

-shameless promotion of old product following-

Oh, if you enjoyed the demo and have not played Penumbra: Overture, why not take the opportunity to try the demo or maybe even buy the game? There is just enough time to complete Overture while waiting for Black Plague to be released!

ok now ive gotten all the way to the hallway outside my room and i cut the power and ran back to carpanters room boarded up the door saved and hid behind the shelf im to scared to go outside. now what?
02-08-2008, 10:54 PM

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