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Problem with scripts- quest/mementos
rakakak11 Offline
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Exclamation  Problem with scripts- quest/mementos

(sorry for my english)

My scripts are working because i didnt get any error and when i walk through the script area i get memento to diary...but next script area where i have to get new memento didnt work...So only 1 quest is working but other quests isnt responding....

I attached my Prison.hps file here so please look and find the error....

Too for some reason in debug mode i get quest on start of the "prison" map but when im playing normally amnesia i didnt get the quest on beginning of the "prison" map...I think its happening because this is Not the starting map and is not the first quest i got...( Its the third map and before "prison" map i have 1 other quest acivated and completed) so other quests are not working... And this is my problem...only 1 quest is working but others arent responding....

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