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What are your thoughts on Black Plague?
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What are your thoughts on Black Plague?

For those of you that have played the demo or have bought the game, what do you think of the BP installment?

Personally, so far, I think it's great. I've also noticed some the suggestions that we all made were put into the game. The atmosphere seem creepier and I like the new enemy "the infected"; it's a lot more creepier that the zombie dogs. The only con that I found in this installment is that there is no combat. I hate having to run away every time I encounter some enemy. But all in all, so far; and I say "so far" because I just started playing it, the game is a step above from the first one!

Quick Edit: On the no combat part that I wrote about...can someone help me clarify this. I heard that there are no weapons in this game; I haven't encountered any so far, however as I was trying to do a little amature modding myself, I found some files that imply that there are a fire axe and a crowbar. Can some one confirm this and if so let me know where they are in case I missed them?
03-06-2008, 04:23 AM
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