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What are your thoughts on Black Plague?
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RE: What are your thoughts on Black Plague?

I preferd black plague it's not the infected its clearence, I just hated when he does jks on you "example" when u come across the hallway when u saw the dead dogs and that ghost dog jumps at you. Now that made me piss my pance almost.
The bit how the body fell off the roof when u enter the darkness. That scared me.
Theres alot of really freaky things I loved about BP overture didn't really give me the creaps.
the only time it gave me the creaps is when i was in the first tunnel, I didn't like that.
The bit how the worms chased you. I loved that. The reson i loved the worm chasing me is because you have that adrenline feeling, and i loved that.
I felt my heart beat really hard.
BP scared me more though.
Dream sequence scared me.
when you had to get across the other end by jumping across with those moving metal floors.
that freaked me out. theres alot of things that creeps me out in overture and bp.
The things that scared me in overture is the first wolf that gave me the creeps
and how you hear that screaming when u get out of that tunnel that gave me the creeps.
Alot of things these days and there horror games.
Thank you frictional games these games probably are the most, funnest game and scarryiest.
Well... Not the scarryiest its just scary at the beggining well.. I loved this game!
04-23-2008, 04:32 AM
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