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2008-04 Tuesday 1st, Penumbra 3 - BWaV Announced!
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RE: 2008-04 Tuesday 1st, Penumbra 3 - BWaV Announced!

Ohh. C'mon frictionalgames don't do this to us!!!. We really love your great puzzles!.

Asoon as i came on for a while i didn't really believe it lol.
Well... I hope you don't make a fps either. I really would ignore this website for ever.
I hope this is a joke, if it is i would laugh but thanks for the news...

Ohh, didn't read the april fools thing D'OH!.

Ok im laughing now haha!
But the picture did look kinda "fake" lol
Rambo style?
04-23-2008, 03:28 AM

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