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2008-04 Thursday 24th, Multi-topic news!
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RE: 2008-04 Thursday 24th, Multi-topic news!

Hello, I was shocked when I read that Tongue.

Well, my view points:
_ First, like many people said, if the full game is short, the expansion would be shorter.
_ I don't find too interesting the plot of this expansion.
_ I think it would be better if you took more time, and give us Penumbra 2 Wink. I think, we, the fans, would be more happier with Penumbra 2 than an expansion Smile.
_ The game made a boom in the world. It changes the survival horror genre. I think if you want to keep the boom, you can do it Smile. You can read the opinion of both games (Overture and Black Plague) and keep what people loved about games and quit what people didn't like.

Well, just an idea...
Good bye and good luck Smile.
05-04-2008, 08:03 PM

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